When mind is spacious, liberation can occur

When mind is tight,
There is suffering.
When mind is spacious,
Liberation can occur.
—Tsangpa Gyare (1161-1211)

Listen to a talk inspired by the above quote by Mahamudra master Tsangpa Gyare, given by Hal Blacker  at Real Dharma Sangha on September 21, 2010, in the flash audio player, below:

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Meditation is surrender

An attendee at Real Dharma Sangha’s weekly meeting on September 14 reported (inaudible on recording) that he had experienced in meditation an opening when he stopped “asserting” himself in the practice. In response, Hal Blacker gave a talk on meditation as surrendering, relaxing, opening and, ultimately, breaking through. There was also discussion about the meaning of life, the origin of everything and practice in difficult situations.

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