Gratitude to Conscious Being

A talk by Hal Blacker at Real Dharma, given on November 23, 2010. After answering a question on the structure and nature of mind, and one on purifying the mind, Hal talks about gratitude for being a conscious being, and for the human birth that allows one to fully realize this, in honor of Thanksgiving.

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Have a great Thanksgiving!

7 Points on the Path of Liberation

A talk by Hal Blacker giving an overview of the path of liberation, including his approach to seven main topics: awakening to one’s true nature as the goal; the importance of intention; the view of emptiness and Buddha Nature; meditation; the role of the teacher; embodying understanding; and the transmission of the Dharma to the West. This talk was given on October 26, 2010 at the Real Dharma Sangha in Fairfax, CA.

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