Gratitude to Conscious Being

A talk by Hal Blacker at Real Dharma, given on November 23, 2010. After answering a question on the structure and nature of mind, and one on purifying the mind, Hal talks about gratitude for being a conscious being, and for the human birth that allows one to fully realize this, in honor of Thanksgiving.

If you are unable to use the flash player, listen or download here.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

One thought on “Gratitude to Conscious Being

  1. “The most fundamental observation that one can make about the observable universe, apart from the mysterious fact that it exists at all — prompting the ultimate question of philosophy, why there is something rather than nothing — is that there are at all levels forces that tend to coherence and unification, and forces that tend to incoherence and separation.”

    -Iain McGilchrist, The Master and His Emissary.

    I recommend this book to anyone engaged in self-enquiry who is seeking to know more about the roles and function of the brain and, in some sense, mind. The book is especially useful to understand from a neuroscience perspective how and why our perceptions of the world are shaped by the varied structures of the brain, and the differing hemispheric roles and responsibilties that shape our viewpoints.

    Also, it appears Hal went directly to the ultimate question of philosophy as a young boy.

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