Ganges Mahamudra–Part 4

Your body has no core, hollow like bamboo.

Your mind goes beyond thought, open like space.

Let go of control and rest right there.

~Tilopa, Ganges Mahamudra (trans. Ken McLeod)

Listen to part 4 in a series of talks by Hal Blacker on Ganges Mahamudra (Mahamudra Upadesha) by Tilopa. Given at Real Dharma Sangha on December 21, 2010:

If you are unable to use the flash player, listen or download here.

One thought on “Ganges Mahamudra–Part 4

  1. Hal,

    Thank you again for the wonderful teaching — your reading and commentary on the Ganges Mahamudra is like a gentle wind blowing away the clouds. When I got home from the meditation group and dharma talk last week, I quoted stanza 19 from the Ganges Mahamudra to my husband (my recall may not be verbatim, but I believe I have the gist):

    “Rest in the practice of not doing anything. When you come to nowhere to come to, you have come to Mahamudra”

    His response was: “Oh, boy, this is gonna be easier than I thought!” : )

    And then today, when I quoted it again, he said:

    “Stay a week, the water’s fine! And don’t forget to tip the waitress!” ; )

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