The Four Seals of Existence

The four seals (also known as the four emblems or marks) is a fundamental Buddhist teaching–some would say it is the view that defines Buddhist dharma, or teaching. The four seals, or emblems are:

1. All composite things are impermanent.

2. All defiled emotions are suffering.

3. All phenomena lack a self or inherent existence.

4. Nirvana is peace and beyond conceptuality.

To listen to a talk by Hal Blacker on the four seals, or emblems, follow the links below. This talk was given at the Real Dharma group in Fairfax, California on June 28, 2011.

If you are unable to use the flash player, listen or download here.

[The talk begins with a short discussion of meditation].
[Errata: There is a reference in the talk to the Buddhist teaching on the smallest unit of time, the kshana, said to constitute 1/65th of a finger-snap in duration. This unit was mispronounced ekasana in the talk.]

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