Nondual Awakening and Discerning the Seer from the Seen

 The path of nondual awakening is the discovery of innate present awareness as your own true nature and the ground of all. In that awareness there is unconditional fulfillment, compassion and peace.

My approach to nondual awakening presents the essence of the great nondual traditions of Buddhism (particularly the Prajnaparamita, Mahamudra and Dzogchen fruition approaches) and Advaita Vedanta, streamlined and stripped as far as possible of cultural and archaic metaphysical artifacts. This approach is simple and direct, and suitable for modern, especially modern Western, seekers of liberation.

One of the primary methods used in Advaita Vedanta to directly see one’s true nature is the Seer/Seen discrimination. Similar methods are used in Buddhist direct transmission schools. In this method, one begins from the obvious proposition that awareness, “the Seer”, the one who sees, is not  the seen. So, what can be seen as an object cannot be the Seer itself.  For example, you would obviously not say that my car, my house, or my clothes are “me.” Then one goes through all the objectifiable aspects of what most people usually assume is the self–starting with the body, and progressing through the sense organs, thoughts, feelings, and finally even the “I” thought–seeing that, as they are all objects of awareness, they can not be the Seer, the one who is aware. This contemplation, when done seriously, can lead to the direct knowing of object-less awareness, awareness itself, the formless yet awake true nature.

To listen to a talk on the path of nondual awakening, and the Seer/Seen discrimination, given at the Real Dharma group on October 4, 2011, use the flash driver below

or download or listen by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “Nondual Awakening and Discerning the Seer from the Seen

  1. Yes, and what if it is _also_ about having wisdom?
    Wisdom and kindness/compassion are like the two wings of a bird–both are needed to fly into the space of liberation, as is said.

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