Exploring Nondual Awareness

Nondual awareness is our natural state, always present and underlying all experience. But how can we see it and feel it vividly for ourselves?

In general, there can be said to be two approaches. One is to just rest, not altering anything. The other is to use inquiry, first to distinguish consciousness from its contents, and then, through further inquiry, to see that consciousness and its contents are not ultimately separate–consciousness’ contents are the appearance of consciousness, like waves are the appearance of water.

In this talk, our weekly Real Dharma group experimented with bringing nondual awareness to consciousness through group dialogue and inquiry. This was an experiment in open-eyed dialogic meditation. I think that most of us felt the experiment worked.

To listen to our session, conducted at the Real Dharma group on November 1, 2011, use the flash driver below.

If you are unable to use the flash player, listen or download here.

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