How Amazing! by Lama Shabkar

(This pretty much says it all).

by Lama Shabkar

Eh ma ho! How amazing!
In both samsara and nirvana, the renown of the awakened state
Is heard everywhere, like thunder throughout the sky.
This awakened state is always within the minds of all beings.
How amazing that one is never separate from it for even an instant!

Not knowing that the awakened state is within oneself,
How amazing that one searches for it elsewhere!
Although it is as clearly manifest as the brilliance of the sun,
How amazing that so few see it!

Having no father and mother, one’s mind is the true Buddha.
How amazing that it was never born, so never dies!
No matter how much happiness and sorrow is experienced,
How amazing that it is never impaired or improved even in the slightest!

How amazing that the mind’s nature is primordially pure, unborn
And spontaneously present!
This self-knowing was naturally free from the very first.
How amazing it is to be liberated just by resting
At ease in whatever happens!

(adapted from “Flight of the Garuda”)

Seeing Sameness

One way to recognize intrinsic awareness–the original wisdom we were born with–is to see if there is something that is always the same. The sameness that is being pointed to does not exclude difference or change. It is a nonconceptual awareness that transcends the opposites of permanence and impermanence, of difference and sameness. It is a sameness that is seen in difference, a permanence seen right within this world of impermanence, a stable presence that pervades all states of consciousness whether peaceful or disturbed, happy or sad.

Seeing this sameness is a doorway to the simple recognition of one’s own awareness as primordial wisdom.

In this short meditative talk (about 20 minutes long), Hal points to the possibility of recognizing innate nonconceptual sameness. This talk was given at Real Dharma Sangha on May 1, 2012. To listen, use the flashplayer, below:

or download or listen by clicking here.

Leave mind unfabricated, just where it is!

Padampa Sangye said:

Don’t take appearance inside!
Don’t project inner conceptions outside!
Don’t enslave body to mind!
Don’t occupy mind with body!
Don’t attend to view or meditation!
Leave mind unfabricated, just where it is!
~from Lion of Siddhas: The Life and Teachings of Padampa Sangye, trans. David Molk

    Lately I’ve been reading Padampa Sangye, the great Indian siddha of the 11-12th century, who visited Tibet, Bhutan and China. Some say in China he was known as Bodhidharma, the legendary founder of Zen. (!) Some say he was also known as the famous sage Kamalashila in India. Some say he lived hundreds of years. In any event, it seems certain that he taught in a style that was unique and unclassifiable (in Tibet, the people were unsure at first whether he was a Hindu or Buddhist siddha), yet powerful and direct. I hope to share some more of his teachings here in the future.

Milarepa at Yolmo Kangra-Part 3

Errant thoughts are liberated in the Dharmakaya;
The awareness, the illumination, is always blissful;
Meditate in a manner of non-doing and non-effort.
These are the key points of practice.

Listen to part 3 in a series of talks by Hal Blacker, on The Song of View, Meditation & Action at Yolmo Kangra, by Milarepa. This talk discusses the meditation practice of Mahamudra. Given at Real Dharma Sangha on February 8, 2011:

If you are unable to use the flash player, listen or download here.

Milarepa at Yolmo Kangra-Part 1

All the manifestation, the Universe itself, is contained in the mind.
The nature of mind is the realm of illumination
Which can neither be conceived or touched.
These are the key-points of the view.

~Milarepa, The Song of View, Practice & Action at Yolmo Kangra (trans. Garma C.C. Chang)

Listen to part 1 of a series of  talks by Hal Blacker, on The Song of View, Practice & Action at Yolmo Kangra, by Milarepa, covering the view of Mahamudra.  Given at Real Dharma Sangha on January 25, 2011:

If you are unable to use the flash player, listen or download here.

Ganges Mahamudra–Part 4

Your body has no core, hollow like bamboo.

Your mind goes beyond thought, open like space.

Let go of control and rest right there.

~Tilopa, Ganges Mahamudra (trans. Ken McLeod)

Listen to part 4 in a series of talks by Hal Blacker on Ganges Mahamudra (Mahamudra Upadesha) by Tilopa. Given at Real Dharma Sangha on December 21, 2010:

If you are unable to use the flash player, listen or download here.

Gratitude to Conscious Being

A talk by Hal Blacker at Real Dharma, given on November 23, 2010. After answering a question on the structure and nature of mind, and one on purifying the mind, Hal talks about gratitude for being a conscious being, and for the human birth that allows one to fully realize this, in honor of Thanksgiving.

If you are unable to use the flash player, listen or download here.

Have a great Thanksgiving!