Announcing Urban Meditation, San Rafael–beginning Monday Jan. 11

More new offerings for 2016–Announcing Urban Meditation Group, San Rafael

I am happy to be a co-founder and instructor at the new Urban Meditation Group in downtown San Rafael. Beginning Monday, January 11, 2016, and happening each Monday evening 7-9 p.m., Urban Meditation Group will be held at OpenEye, a beautiful venue created by friend, co-founder and co-instructor Tarane Sayler. OpenEye is located at 875 4th St., San Rafael, CA. I’ll be leading the first evening on January 11.

The Urban Meditation Group is a place to learn and practice meditation in downtown San Rafael. Our purpose is to offer a safe non-denominational refuge in an urban environment, where anyone can find silence, inner peace, awareness, compassion and community. Meditation instruction is provided by experienced instructors. Our gathering is suitable for beginners as well as long-time practitioners. No religious belief or affiliation is required to participate and to benefit from the practice of meditation.

The group is led by Hal Blacker, Jeff Bickner and Tarane Sayler, and occasional guest instructors. The format of our gathering will include meditation, instruction in meditation and an opportunity for questions and discussion.

There is no charge for attendance but donations are graciously appreciated.

We meet at 875 4th Street—just 2 blocks from the San Rafael Public Transit Center, on the East end of 4th St., above the Sacred Tibet Shop.




New Real Dharma Media Page

Announcing a new media page on the Real Dharma website:

Audio teachings (and other media) will be posted on the new “Media” page, accessible from the “Media” tab on the Real Dharma website or here. Please check the Real Dharma Media page for new free Real Dharma audio teachings.

The first offering on the Media page is a talk on the Prayer of Samantabhadra.

Enjoy! May all beings benefit! Sarva mangalam!

New Class on The Prayer of Samantabhadra

Dear Friends,
I am happy to announce that we will begin studying the wonderful and powerful Dzogchen Prayer of Samantabhadra. (Dzog pa chen po kun tu zang po’i mon lam) tomorrow, Tuesday, November 19 at our Real Dharma meeting. This extraordinary text is often recited and studied in the Dzogchen tradition. It gives a short, clear and beautiful exposition of Dzogchen view and practice. The text will be available at class.
We will begin, as usual, with a short meditation at 7:30 p.m., followed by a talk and discussion. You are welcome to come as early as 7:00 p.m. for tea and socializing beforehand. (If you need directions or have any questions, please email).
As always, there is no charge for attending.
Everyone is welcome.
Mangalam! May all be auspicious!

Samantabhadra (1)

Real Dharma live on KOWS 107.3 FM and Internet Radio

This Saturday, February 12, 2011, at 4:30 p.m., Hal Blacker will be interviewed live on the Mystical Positivist radio show, on KOWS radio 107.3 FM, with internet radio streaming (or go directly to the live stream here at 4:30). As this is a low power radio station, you’ll need listen to it on the internet, unless you are lucky enough to live near Occidental, CA. Go to and click on the picture of the cow wearing headphones. If you can’t listen live, a podcast of the show should be available at The Mystical Positivist soon.

Anam Thubten Inaugurates the Real Dharma Sangha

On Tuesday, June 22, 2010, my beloved teacher, Anam Thubten, inaugurated the Real Dharma Sangha, appearing at our Tuesday night class, and speaking before a group of over 60 people. I was delighted—and, I think, so was everyone there—that Anam chose to speak about the  real meaning of “Real Dharma.” He told an anecdote in which, in the end, the real dharma—or the way— was revealed to be letting go of everything. You can hear the talk here (the talk begins after about 20 seconds of silence):

If you can’t use the flash player, click here:

Anam Thubten Real Dharma Talk 100622.mp3

Before his talk, as an opening ceremony and blessing for Real Dharma, Anam Thubten chanted the Heart Sutra, the concise and essential teaching on Prajnaparamita and Emptiness, in Tibetan. You can listen to his beautiful chanting here:

If you can’t use the flash player, click here:

Anam Thubten Heart Sutra 100622.mp3

Please enjoy, and may all benefit!