As a kind of beginning, some words from Hafiz:

Tiny Gods

Some gods say, the tiny ones,
“I am not here in your vibrant moist lips
That need to beach themselves upon
The golden shore of a
Naked body.

Some gods say, “I am not
The scarred yearning in the unrequited soul;
I am not the blushing cheek
Of every star and

I am not the applauding Chef
Of those precious secretions that can distill
The whole mind into a perfect wincing jewel, if only
For a moment;
Nor do I reside in every pile of sweet warm dung
Born of the earth’s

Some gods say, the ones we need to hang,
“Your mouth is not designed to know His,
Love was not born to consume
The luminous

Dear ones,
Beware of the tiny gods frightened men
To bring an anesthetic relief to their sad

–“Tiny Gods,” Hafiz, translated by Daniel Ladinsky in The Gift

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