Mahasiddhas, Mahamudra and Awakening in the West

Mahasiddha Saraha The Mahasiddhas were unclassifiable and often eccentric yogis of medieval India and Tibet who pointed out ultimate reality in direct and unconventional ways. Non-monastic, and not depending on dogma or ritual, their approach toward Mahamudra and Dzogchen teaching may hold the key to the transmission of genuine awakening to the West.

Hal Blacker gave the following talk on Mahamudra, the Mahasiddhas and their inspiring example and potential significance for the modern West at Real Dharma on November 29, 2011. To listen, use the flash driver:

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The good news of the wisdom lineage

The good news of the wisdom lineage is that we are all intrinsically free.

Perhaps you have never heard that before. More likely, you’ve heard it a million times and you are tired of hearing it or don’t know what to do with it. But I am suggesting that you take a moment to reflect on your inherent liberation, your inner ecstatic freedom, the radiant beauty of your original face. Please don’t let another day go by without at least taking a moment to pause and reflect on this.

If you understand it, you may rejoice. If you don’t get it yet, look to see if there is really anything holding you back from its realization. I think you’ll find that, except for the things you’ve been told and the illusory fabrications of your mind, there is nothing holding you back at all.

When you get it—and if you really want to, you will get it—you might dance and sing and shout, “Hallelujah!” Or if you are more comfortable with Tibetan style, shout “E Ma Ho!”

When you see your true nature for yourself, you’ll be sure. You’ll know it, and you won’t be beholden to anyone. You’ll have “entered the stream”  and the path of seeing. Then you can start to travel a path of freedom, a path that unfolds forever, and never ends.

May all beings see their true nature and walk that freedom path.