We are now holding regular meetings every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. at OpenEye Studio, 875 4th Street, San Rafael, CA (east end of 4th St., between Cijos and Lootens, on the south side, above Sacred Tibet shop). Please check the calendar below for the exact dates and for schedule changes.

We are currently focusing on Advaita Vedanta nondual teachings. These teachings are based upon the Indian Hindu Upanishads and are probably the oldest living nondual tradition in existence. Advaita Vedanta is a means of self-knowledge, the gaining of which grants freedom and happiness not dependent upon circumstances or things. These teaching, although transmitted as part of Hindu tradition, are not fundamentally religious and require no belief, ritual or sectarian affiliation. Instead, they are a way of investigating, understanding and seeing directly the nature of ourselves, the world and ultimate reality.

Our classes begin with a short meditation. We are currently studying “Self Knowledge”,  a text from the Indian Advaita Vedanta tradition, written by Adi Śankaracarya. “Self Knowledge” (Atma Bodha) is a masterful unfoldment of the nature of the true self as limitless awareness and being.

Everyone is welcome.

Please also check our Events page for other opportunities to study or practice with Hal.

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Please check back or  email Real Dharma: hal [at] if you are interested in Real Dharma.


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  1. Hi Hal,

    Thanks again for your offering last night. It is pretty refreshing to find a new (local) teacher who can address diverse cultural/spiritual topics while maintaining a clear view and reverence for lineage. I can imagine you’ll need a bigger room before long :). I look forward to learning more from you in the near future.


    Ben Sherwyn

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